Saturday, June 24, 2006

I'm still waiting

Well it's Saturday and I'm still waiting. On Friday I spoke to my brother who has some law experience considering the job he's in and experience in things like this and he recommened that I call the Community Centre Supervisor back and ask him to go to the company that makes the equipment he uses to see if there was any way they could access deeper into the computer and come up with the video tape. When I called him he was already one step ahead of us and had made the call and was waiting for them to get back to him.

We're still waiting. And I have yet to hear back from the Chief of Police too. Oh, I sent a copy of my letter to Pam McConnell, my City Councillor and she forwarded it to 51 Division (the division in my area) and to the Chief again. hmmmm In this case silence isn't golden. Sending it to 51 division won't do anything though because this was handled via the phone through C.A.R.U. a unit at headquarters I believe.

Btw, I sent this story to CityTV, Global and CTV and no one was interested. I find that surprising.


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