Monday, June 22, 2009

Metro Police Station NOT ACCESSIBLE!

They don't seem to want you in there either!! Had a strange experience today. While down enjoying the weather at the waterfront there was a group of kids skateboarding. In an area that is posted no skateboarding. They were whipping through the place dangerously. Could have hit anyone. As well, every no skateboarding sign the City had up, these brats would take a sticker and stick it over the word "no" in the "No skateboarding" sign. Then they would proceed to drop their garbage on the grounds and off they went.I peeled the defaced sticker off the sign and told the kids (on their way back) to clean up their trash. Of course, one of them nodded his head no and laughed and took off.

I saw them again a bit further up by the fire station. Knowing there is a police station in the area I decided to go in and see if someone in there could tell me if they policed the area or if there was some kind of harbour master of sorts. Someone I could speak to about this.So we go to the police station and I can't believe it (since this station is relatively new), the doors are not accessible!! So I figure I'm going to have to haul open the doors so I pull on the left one and it's locked!! I then pull on the right one but it's so damn heavy I can't do it.

I see a shadow of a person inside and wait hoping they would come out and hold the door for me.Imagine how surprised I was to be literally blocked by this man from entering! I asked him if he could hold the door for me so I can enter and he says "what is it you want?". I told him about the teenagers defacing City property and hurtling around on skateboards and I wanted to speak to someone. He tells me "I'm the day shift and I'm just leaving, I'll tell the afternoon shift". He then tells me they know about these kids, they are always telling them to leave. All the while standing there not allowing me to enter the station.

I intend to write Metro Police about this incident. Whatever I hear, I plan on putting it here. Even if I don't hear back. Pardon me for being concerned that a child, senior, disabled person, whomever could be knocked over and even into the lake by these brats, never mind they are defacing public property. No wonder this City is going to hell in a handbag. The little stuff doesn't matter any more it seems. All that little stuff adds up but do we have to wait until someone gets seriously ill or drowns if they are knocked into the lake?


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