Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Welcome to the Disabled in Ontario Blog. This blog is for anyone disabled that lives specifically in the City of Toronto or the Province of Ontario for that matter. We welcome family members, care givers, etc. as well. Typically anyone that has anything to do with the disabled.

Why is this blog here? It's to enable us to voice our outrages at how the Provincial government see's us and treats us as well as Municipalities. It's also a way to vent when problems occur or services denied, etc. It's a way for us 'forgotten' ones to stand up and be recognized.

There is a 'join' page link here, it's free so take advantage of it. You can join this blog and post on it. Once this blog starts to fill in a bit, I will do a media kit and send it out all over the place including the Provincial Gov't who over the past dozen years couldn't care less regardless of who was in office and the City of Toronto as well. All leading political parties have had a hand in the crappy treatment of the disabled in this province. Not one has given us a break in our disability cheques. We haven't had a raise in a dozen years.

So, be my guest, join and vent. Tell us a horror story of yours if you like. Were you cut off for no reason? Were you denied something you should have been able to get? What is your story? Have you had to run around in so many circles to appease them and get this filled in and that filled in and still it isn't good enough or it's your problem if you can't get around to get everything they want?

We will accept anything associated with the disabled including Toronto WheelTrans horror stories. Don't you just love having to cancel a specialist appt at the last minute because they can't provide you with a ride?

Or how about the TTC in general with all their public relations about the 'bending buses' and subway routes with elevators? Yup.... how many times have we heard that a bus won't pick the person up? And in regards to the elevators in the subways so disabled can use them? Well sure if I only want to go to a few specific subway stops and of course if the elevator is even working at those specific stops.

Then there's always the issue of just how much people love a wheelchair or scooter on a bus or subway and the abusive remarks made to us.

Come and join us... let us know your stories, your issues, what's happened. I'm sure we can fill this blog with archived stories in no time at all.

Please take the time to pass this blog around to other disabled friends. As well, be sure to check out our main pages of our website. They are listed in the links here as well.

I look forward to hearing from you.